Garcinia Cambogia: Cure for Insecurities

MotorradfahrtI got into a terrible accident when I was in high school. It was like a nightmare. All I can remember is that I was riding a motorcycle that my friend was driving. I can still remember feeling the wind blowing my hair. I was not wearing a helmet because it was already late in the evening and there are not much vehicles in the streets. The last thing I remembered was a bright flash of light. It was just too bright.

The Morning After

I woke up and saw the white ceiling. Then, I saw the white walls. Then, I saw my father sitting, staring blankly into space while my mother was crying silently; tears falling down her eyes without making any sound at all. I was lying on a hospital bed. I called my mom but my throat was too dry. Still, she noticed that I am moving and that I am awake. She reached out to me and hugged me.hospital

I asked for water and when I was able to speak, I asked them where my friend is. They told me that my friend was sent somewhere else and it’s not looking good. Later on, I learned that his whole family moved to another state.

Worried Sick

The accident left me with a couple of ugly scars on my face and an empty spot in my heart. I did not have the courage to try to reach my friend. I was scared about what I will be told if I ask for him. I stayed at home. Somehow, I found comfort in eating. I did not go back to school. I learned cooking and ate more. Until I noticed that my mouth is rarely without food. Then my clothes become tighter. I get tired faster. I felt uglier than ever. My friends do not get tired of calling me, asking me to go out with them. I just know that I can’t, from what I see in the mirror.

A Surprise Visit

I never accepted any visitor at the house. It was about four months after the accident. I felt like I am getting uglier everyday and I do not feel okay about my friends seeing me like this. But, when my mom told me that I have a visitor and mentioned my friend’s name, I forgot all about my looks and went down to meet him. I hugged him tightly and we asked each other a lot of questions. I have learned that he had to undergo surgeries and that they are back here for good. I told him how worried I was and told him about my depression. He promised to get me right back on track. I was so happy that I did not have the heart to protest and ask. I just said yes.ultra

Precious Gift

When he arrived the next morning, he was wearing biking gears. He asked me to change into something more appropriate for cycling and handed me a bottle. I read the label and saw that it was a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia Ultra. I asked him what it is but he just gave me directions on how to take it. I did not ask. I just followed. When we get home from cycling, I did some research and the reviews that I read got me really excited. I continued taking Garcinia Cambogia Ultra and in a matter of months, I was nearly back to my original size! Aside from my weight loss, good news is that my friend formally asked me out for a date. I will always remember that it all started with Garcinia Cambogia Ultra.


The Difference between ADD and ADHD

There are 4 major ways to detect the difference between ADD and ADHD.

1. Watch their actions
People who have ADD and ADHD often have similar symptoms, but they react differently to the world around them. A child with ADHD is constantly moving.  He can’t sit still. 



Lifestyle Change – Go out more often

“Going out more often”covers a wide range of activities. The “tweens” may take this to mean as “hanging out” in a friend’s home, in the school courtyard, etc. just to talk, snack, or whatever “innocent fooling around” activities at hand prior to homework or family dinner.  The majority, however, may regard this “going out” as “being on a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.”



Different Types of Scars

Cuts and surgical incisions are repaired by the skin’s ability to create new skin cells and shed the old ones.  But scars can occur from this natural healing process. Some scars will fade with age, but some will last a lifetime.